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 Welcome to Community Acupuncture!

Our community approach makes wellness accessible. Join us for acupuncture that promotes relaxation and well-being at an affordable rate, allowing you to prioritize your health regularly.

Community Acupuncture

Community style acupuncture is a unique and cost-effective approach to acupuncture treatment, where sessions are conducted in a group setting within a large, open space. Led by Doctor Kathleen McGrath DOM, L.Ac , our community acupuncture sessions provide a calming atmosphere, allowing you to relax while receiving effective and affordable treatment.

In this communal setting, up to three individuals are treated simultaneously. The focus is on making acupuncture more accessible by offering treatments at a lower rate compared to private acupuncture sessions. This affordability encourages individuals to come for acupuncture treatment regularly, promoting overall wellness. Focusing on mental health issues such as, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, depression, PTSD, hormonal imbalances, etc. 

It's important to note that our community clinic sessions are only every first Monday of the month and exclusively feature acupuncture treatments, excluding adjunct therapies such as cupping or manual work. This streamlined approach ensures and allows us to extend the benefits of acupuncture to a broader community. Join us in our community acupuncture sessions for an inclusive, relaxing, and cost-effective path to well-being.

30 Minute Sessions | 35$ Each Session | Every First Monday of the Month

By appointment only in our Tavares location





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