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Blood Builder

Healthy iron levels are essential to maintaining energy for a healthy, active life. Floradix® Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement is the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in the Natural Channel in the U.S. today.† Containing nutritional iron in a gentle-to-digest and easily absorbed formula with vitamin C, essential B complex vitamins, and herbal extracts to help you live your best life.*

  • Each serving contains 10 mg of iron from ferrous gluconate with B vitamins.

  • A safe and effective liquid iron supplement.

  • Vegetarian formula with rose hip extract for vitamin C to support iron absorption.*

  • Plant-based liquid extract supports digestion and absorption.*

  • Purity-tested, non-GMO, vegetarian, kosher, lactose-free, and alcohol-free, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Also available in a vegan, yeast-free, and gluten-free formula: Floravital® Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement.

Suggested Use:

Adults (12 and over): Take 10 mL (mark on cap) twice daily.

Children (4 – 11 years old): Take 10 mL (mark on cap) once daily.

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